Pre-register PUBG: New State: Become The First Players To Try This New Version!

Pre-register PUBG: New State is now open, and if you want to be the first one to try the PUBG new generation, let's check out and do as these instructions!

Pre-register PUBG: New State has opened in the excitement of every player. PUBG: New State release date is scheduled, and players can now pre-register PUBG: New State on Android. As per the declaration on the page, they will launch the PUBG Mobile 2 for iOS not so long after that. If you want one of the first players to try this new generation of PUBG, you need to read this article right now!

How to pre-register PUBG: New State and get free special vehicle skins

  1. Go to the PUBG: New State landing page at link
  2. Scroll down and you will see the pre-register for PUBG 2 on Android and iOS button.
  3. Press the connection of the working system you need to utilize and it will take you to the individual store page.
  4. Choose the Pre-Register button.

Requirements of devices players need to meet

PUBG: New State requirements for iOS and Android is a little bit different. Clients who want to download PUBG: New State needs Android 6.0 or more with at least 2GB RAM. For iOS users, we are still updating.

PUBG New State pre-registrations on Google Play Store
PUBG New State pre-registrations on Google Play Store

Is PUBG New State free?

The PUBG game offers you no fee at all, and in contrast to other comparative games, PUBG Mobile just offers the acquisition of virtual things and embellishments. Thusly, it is conceivable that PUBG: New State will likewise be allowed to play and follow this customary model.

The similarity between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile

The main game mode is Battle Royale

A ton of players worried about the possibility that PUBG 2 will be more similar to a typical shooter, perhaps like Call of Duty. Nonetheless, that is not valid for PUBG Mobile 2. PUBG New State is still similar to the old model, like the hunger game.

The center interactivity is still battle royale

The two games comprise 100 players on a huge guide and battle each other until there is just 1 player or group left. By and large, as indicated by fundamental data, presently, just another PUBG: New State maps are accessible. Old PUBG players may not take long to become accustomed to this game. Players still need to fight for their life, take part in intense battles and use smart strategy to become the last survivor.

The principle game mechanics stay unchanged

Every one of the principal components in the first PUBG and PUBG 2 like the blue zone, the barrel, the flare firearm … are as yet safeguarded yet are planned with new pictures. The types of weapons in PUBG: New State is still pretty much as extensive as the first form. They could be future variants of current PUBG Mobile weapons like SMG, AR, Shotgun, assault rifles, grenades…PUBG update promises to bring you the greatest brand new gameplay experience you have ever tried. Thrill, excitement, nervousness,… are all you need to feel when playing this new generation of PUBG! It is being updated regularly, so please usually check out not to miss any essential information and know how to download PUBG Mobile 2 for iOS and Android.

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