PUBG Mobile 1.3 Update Was Launched And Here Are Some Important Changes

PUBG Mobile 1.3 is a new update released by Tencent for the 3rd anniversary since it’s official launch. Let's see what changes are made in this new version.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 has got a new update with the release of Season 18. It can be seen that, through the years appearing on the market, PUBG games have still won a great deal of love from the fans. One of the reasons for the success of PUBG today is that the developers are always updating and releasing new versions. Most recently, version 1.3 was released on March 9 thereby bringing a myriad of exciting new aspects.

Hundred Rhythms mode in the 1.3 update of PUBG Mobile

In this new PUBG Mobile update, a new game mode will appear. Its name is Hundred Rhythms, a classic style game mode that gamers can play in old maps like Erangel. Overall, the developer added 3 new abilities to this Battle Royale section. Accordingly, each ability will have its own skills and effects.

PUBG Mobile 1.3 first update with the new Hundred Rhythms mode.
PUBG Mobile 1.3 first update with the new Hundred Rhythms mode.

First, let’s talk about the ability to survive. This ability will equip you with Ghillie armor for a certain time when you join the battlefield. This type of armor has the function of slowly regenerating the lost health.

Another ability places an area shield (AOE) around the player, and also works to heal anyone inside. The effect of this shield will mainly reduce the damage and effect of bullets flying in from outside.

The ultimate ability functions as a radar, helping the player detect enemies within a certain range when activated. In addition, if the enemy kills within the radar’s line of sight, the player will also recover a certain amount of health.

A motor glider and a new gun will also appear in PUBG patch 1.3

The motor glider is a vehicle for 2 people that help gamers glide around the map from the air. This will be a very powerful new means of transportation in PUBG Mobile.

Besides, there will also be the appearance of the gun Mosin Nagant. This is the legendary Russian sniper gun. In general, the power of Mosin Nagant is similar to that of Kar98. However, it does more damage, with less damage loss over distance. This proves that it will be a very powerful Sniper gun in PUBG Mobile update.

Lots of new items and features will appear in this next version of PUBG Mobile.
Lots of new items and features will appear in this next version of PUBG Mobile.

New Royale Pass in the Season 18

The developer Tencent also said that they will include a new Royale Pass in Season 18. This Royale Pass launched after the 1.3 update, on March 17. As usual, there will be free and paid cards, along with lots of PUBG Mobile season 18 rewards.

Karakin map and new chapter of Metro Royale: Honor

In this update, the developer has also added a new type of map called Karakin and it is now in the 1.3 Beta.

In addition, the current chapter of Metro Royale has ended and replaced with a new chapter – Honor. After the update, rankings and other things will be reset, although some data from the previous chapter will be kept.

Community event: “The History of PUBG Mobile”

To celebrate the game’s 3-year birthday, PUBG Mobile also announced a new event with the name “History of PUBG Mobile”. The event will run from March 9 to 30. The way to participate is also quite simple. Gamers need to make short 30 second clips to “tell a story”. There are many ways that players can do it. They are free to use cutscenes, screenshots or gameplay videos to make clips. Top 5 players with the highest votes will receive attractive rewards from the organizers. In particular, the top 3 rewards will be iPhone, the remaining 2 positions will be bonuses in the game.

“The History of PUBG Mobile” - A community event of PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary.
“The History of PUBG Mobile” – A community event of PUBG Mobile 3rd Anniversary.

Other updates in PUBG Mobile 1.3 update version

Besides the prominent changes, PUBG Mobile will also have a lot of other updates. Accordingly, the Runic Power mode will end in PUBG Mobile Season 17. In addition, Extreme Hunt mode in Season 18 will not appear every day. Instead, it will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Cheer Park or Anniversary Adventure Park also appear in this 1.3 beta. This is where players can participate in many fun and exciting activities.

Currently, PUBG Mobile 1.3 download has been launched to users around the world. Players can refer to the articles on how to download PUBG so that they can be easily installed and have an engaging experience. However, mobile gamers in India need to note that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are still banned there. Hopefully there will be some new good news coming out later this month.

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