5 Hottest PUBG Mobile Emulators on PC That You Must Try Once

Finding the best PUBG Mobile Emulators isn't such a difficult task anymore. Download and play PUBG Mobile for free on your PC.

PUBG Mobile Game, in the last few years, has created a shocking wave in the mobile gaming industry. Thanks to the renowned predecessor – PUBG PC, the mobile version has easily invaded this lucrative market, drawing many players. However, playing on a smaller screen made aiming and shooting much harder for lots of users. Thus, they’ve reached for ways to play PUBG Mobile on PC. And the only answer to this problem is the PUBG Mobile Emulators.   

PUBG Mobile Emulators: 5 Most Trusted Apps 

We all know that Steam has launched an app called PUBG Mobile PC Emulator on its platform for 30$. For those who don’t live on such a tight budget, feel free to try this option as we believe this is the most reliable and effortless method to play this battle royale game on your computer.  

However, if you don’t want to spend your cash, there are various emulators you can find on the Internet that help you download PUBG Mobile on PC for free. Yet, the number of them is uncountable, and their actual quality is unknown. 

Then how can we know which ones are safe and efficient? Don’t worry! Below, we have provided a list of emulators that we have hand-tested and believe to be the best in the industry nowadays. Keep reading!

Tencent Gaming Buddy

In 2008, Tencent, the mobile giant of Chinese, officially released Tencent Gaming Buddy – an emulator that helps players experience mobile games easier on PC. If you’re asking yourself how to download PUBG Mobile on PC for windows 10, this one is undoubtedly your perfect choice. 

Playing PUBG smoothly on Tencent Buddy Gaming
Playing PUBG smoothly on Tencent Buddy Gaming

This Windows-only app offers excellent mouse and keyboard controls while allowing users to customize the settings effortlessly. Not only does it eat less RAM than other emulators, but it also doesn’t heat your case. 

Thanks to the ease of use and the excellent UI, Tencent Buddy Gaming has made it to the top of our list.


If you’re tech-savvy, Bluestack might not be such a strange name at all. It is one of the oldest and most reliable emulators of all time that works well on both Windows and MAC operation. Once in a while, it could be laggy, yet the overall performance is fantastic. 

To play PUBG Mobile on Bluestack, all you have to do is download PUBG Mobile from CH Play (already integrated into the emulator). After that, feel free to enjoy any high FPS game without glitch or problems using this highly customizable app.

Nox Player   

Another potential candidate is Nox Player. Despite being a descendant, this emulator’s smooth and versatile experience helps it surpass many other competitors. Not only does it support a wide range of devices like mic, headphones, keypad, and so on, but it also lets users install and try different games found outside CH play. 

However, as it transforms your PC to the second Android phone, you can only experience Android games on it. Thus, if you’re looking for an Android emulator that works well on both Windows and MAC, we also recommend trying this one. 

Nox Player is one of the best PUBG Mobile Emulators
Nox Player is one of the best PUBG Mobile Emulators

Memu Player

In case you’re searching for an incredibly light emulator that doesn’t consume your RAM at all, Memu is our top suggestion. It includes all features that you can find on any emulator, yet at a much lower memory consumption level. 

Besides its high mapping customization ability, this app also provides exceptional PUBG Mobile on PC gameplay experience. With no bugs or errors, Memu Player surely deserves a spot on our list.


Last but not least is Andy – an outstanding option for Windows and MAC users. Unlike traditional emulators, which provide a second Android environment, Andy connects your computer and your phone. 

In other words, it synchronizes all the data on your phone with your computer. As a result, it allows you to play the game on your phone while displaying your touchscreen on your PC’s screen. 

To sum it up

Finding great PUBG Mobile Emulators is the first and foremost step to your journey. An excellent emulator will not only let you download PUBG Mobile on PC for free but also offers an unforgettable experience of playing PUBG Mobile on PC.

Thus, if you’re all about playing on the big screen, hurry up and install yourself one of our recommended players. We bet they won’t let you down.

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