PUBG New State Requirements: All You Need For Your Phone Configuration

PUBG New State Requirements are some conditions for your phone configure to install the next version of PUBG Mobile. Let's check out the article below!

PUBG New State have some requirements that players must meet for their phone configuration if they want to download this new version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG New State is a brand new game that the PUBG Corporation announced not long ago. Many people were surprised by this version of PUBG. There are lots of questions around this issue. What’s new in PUBG New State? Will it be any different from the old game? Many players have experienced and enjoyed the new features in PUBG New State. However, some fear that they will not be able to download this new PUBG Mobile version. So this article will talk about the requirements for a phone configuration to be able to install PUBG New State.

The platforms of PUBG New State

Just like previous PUBG Mobile versions, PUBG New State will be limited to smartphones. The game will only be available on iOS and Android devices. For those using an Android smartphone, it will be an advantage since the pre-registration is already released there. However, iOS users are not as lucky. PUBG New State register for iOS is not yet available. Especially, if you register early, you will be able to receive a “Limited Car Skin” as a reward from PUBG Mobile.

Minimum System Requirements to play PUBG Mobile New State on Android

Minimum Requirements for players to install and download PUBG Mobile new version.
Minimum Requirements for players to install and download PUBG Mobile new version.

According to the list of games on the Google Play Store, PUBG New State Update will require Android Marshmallow 6.0 or higher. Besides, it also needs a phone that has at least 2.5 GB of RAM. Players need to meet those requirements if they want to install this new version of PUBG Mobile. For lower-end devices, we still do not know if the developer will release the ‘Lite’ version of the game.

This update has been released in India?

The PUBG New State is still not available in India.
The PUBG New State is still not available in India.

While the game is already available to gamers around the world for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, it looks like that Indian gamers are still unable to join the game. When players in India try to register it, they see a message that the game is not available in their country. This is truly regrettable and perhaps it comes from the ban by the Indian government. Actually PUBG Mobile India has not released yet. So maybe PUBG New State is another game that Indian players won’t be able to play. However, don’t worry too much as we are sure PUBG Mobile will be right back soon.

Those are all PUBG news about the requirements you may meet to download PUBG New State. Through various revamped versions, PUBG Mobile has shown excellence and constant innovation to not be boring for gamers. So, you can completely rest assured that you will experience new and unique things when trying PUBG New State APK. Hope this article has solved your questions about the configuration for this new update version. Have a good time playing the game!

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